Schal aus Baumwolle Blau Weiß getragen
Schal aus Baumwolle Blau Weiß verpackt mit Schleife
Schal aus Baumwolle Blau Weiß Fransen
Schal aus Baumwolle Blau Weiß gerollt
Schal aus Baumwolle Blau Weiß
Schals aus Baumwolle in verschiedenen Farben gestapelt
Schal aus Baumwolle Blau Weiß Detailaufnahme Muster

Bottom of cotton I blue-white

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The hand-woven scarf is a real eye-catcher. You can turn the simple pattern, the colors are reversed on the back. This creates a particularly exciting look. The scarf accompanies you through all seasons and can even be used as a picnic blanket in summer.

In the detailed view you can see that this is not an industrial product, but a handmade work of art. Each panel was drawn individually with a shuttle, the fabric shows an organic pattern.

The cotton for our scarves grows in southern India. It is harvested, washed, sun dried and spun before being made into beautiful scarves. Cotton is a plant-based renewable raw material that is particularly kind to your skin as it contains no synthetic substances or allergens.

You can easily machine wash the scarf at 30 degrees. Please do not put in the tumble dryer.

Because this is a handcrafted product, you may find minor imperfections in the weave. Don't treat these imperfections as blemishes, treat them as loving details of a unique piece of craftsmanship.

Materials: cotton.

Wir liefern weltweit.


- Inland (Deutschland) innerhalb von 3 - 5 Tagen,
- bei Auslandslieferungen innerhalb von 5 - 7 Tagen nach Vertragsschluss.


(inklusive gesetzliche Mehrwertsteuer)
- Deutschland Kostenfrei
- EU-Raum 12 EUR
- Ausland außerhalb der EU 24 EUR

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