fair trade

fair Trade is not a trend for us, but a matter of course. We manufacture our products together with artisans in India and Nepal - in a creative process, the collections ofThe Wild Folk. Long -term partnerships are just as important as transparent trade routes and a fair remuneration for everyone involved.

Fair trustAs an extension of the concept, our personal claim is. Trust in cooperation, trust in relationship, trust in materials.

Direct trade:In order to avoid unnecessary trade routes, we rely on direct trade and transparency right from the start. We know our artisans personally, maintain family contacts for years - everyone is part of the big THe wild folk Family. We work without intermediate traders, buy on site and always create new, spontaneous collections.

Tara, the head of the project "Chetana Women's Skill Development "In Nepal

ROOPA, the head of our knitting factory in Kathmandu

ROOPA, the head of our knitting factory in Kathmandu, Nepal

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