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Our story

On a trip to India in 2012, Stefanie fell in love with the variety of colors, materials and handicrafts. India was so colorful and beautiful - something bigger had to be created from this.

Subsequently, Stefanie had a job at a development organization in Nepal. She met many people who wished for the bottom of the heart that someone would buy their products to them.

After a short consideration, Stefanie no longer found her work behind the screen. She bought 100 kg of Nepalese handicrafts and brought her to Germany to sell her at the Christmas market.


Der Färbeprozess für Stoffe in Indien | Kissen | Perelin Shop
Frank von Perelin-Shop | About Us

A life concept developed from this experiment. The products arrived great and Stefanie began to design his own collections. The product range grew and the demand increased more and more.

Frank came to her life in 2016 - they met at a mountain hut while hiking. The common love for the travel immediately connected her and her path led her together to India. A trip became love, partnership and parenthood.

Frank and Stefanie are the common owners of The Wild Folk. Frank takes care of warehouse logistics, photography, technology and equipment. Stefanie organizes product selection, personnel and contact with the manufacturers.

The Wild Folk (formerly The Wild Folk) only sold offline - face to face, at Christmas markets by 2020. The step into the digital world was inevitable in 2020 and so we are happy to welcome you here today!

Fair trade

Fair trade

Fair trade is not a trend for us, but a matter of course.

We manufacture our products together with artisans in India, Nepal, Thailand and Bali - The Wild Folk collections are created in a creative process. Long -term partnerships are just as important as transparent trade routes and a fair remuneration for everyone involved.

Fair Trust, as an extension of the concept, is our personal claim. Trust in cooperation, trust in relationship, trust in materials.

Direct trade

In order to avoid unnecessary trade routes, we rely on direct trade and transparency right from the start. We know our artisans personally and maintain family contacts for years. We work without intermediate traders, buy on site and always create new, spontaneous collections.

Partner aus Indien | Schals & Decken | Perelin Shop
Wir legen Wert auf Hhandgemachte Produkte | Nepal | Perelin Shop

Ethnic Choice

Ethnic Choice

The Wild Folk was created by passion for travel. Stefanie and Frank have traveled well over a hundred countries, which brought deep insights and insights into the world and their larger connections. The most beautiful thing about traveling was always the cultural exchange, getting to know the population, immersing immersion in a foreign area of ​​life.

Both felt this primarily in Asia. Be it in the highlands of Tibet, in the mountain peoples of the Himalayas or in the slopes of the Indian tea farmers.

We bring the love of traveling to your home with The Wild Folk. Appreciation for manual work, return to nature and insights into the ethnic diversity of South and Southeast Asia.