Hemp linen and other feelings

Ultimately, it's the feeling you get when you wear a piece of clothing. How does the fabric feel on the skin? Is it comfortable to wear? Can I move freely in it? Can I dance, run, lie down or sit without it pinching? Very important questions that need to be answered precisely when making clothes.

We're new to the fashion industry, but with the hemp linen it was our first gut feeling. How can a fabric be even more beautiful?! It just fit perfectly with what we had in mind for The Wild Folk. Soft colors, soft to the touch, pure naturalness. Combined with Indian block prints - a dream. So it didn't take long at all and we had this mini collection together quicker than we thought. There are also only six parts. But hey, we didn't dare to do more at first :)

It's one of those things with the feelings when you dare to do something new. The uncertainty of whether it will work. Whether YOU feel the same way we do. Whether you can feel it, feel it. Whether our vision lives on in the clothes. We are super excited about how it feels for you and how you continue to tell the story of The Wild Folk.

We are really looking forward to your feedback. Please let us know in the comments how hemp linen feels for YOU.

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