Our Love Story. From India, Australia and an encounter in the Alps


That actually started everything. I heard the old radio play from the jungle book on record. And the first, impressively slowly spoken word was I-N-D-I-E-N. I was just finished with the university at the time and all I wanted was India.

Frank was similar. Same year, same study-other city. All that Frank wanted was the F E R N E. And he drove off with the bike in Jena and arrived in Australia a few years later.

And somewhere between India, Australia and the many many countries in between, we met with mountain hiking in the Austrian Alps. This is not between India and Australia, however, one can rightly say. True, but for us it did. Frank was just on home visit (his bike still in Canada) and Steffi was just before departure to India.

From this encounter, love and the deep need arose a common way to go. To explore remote countries together and to create something bigger together. And this was the result of the enthusiasm for beautiful products and the love that surrounded us, THE WILD FOLK.


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