The magic of cotton - of course, sustainable & nostalgic

Today we immerse yourself in the world of cotton - a fabric as timeless as nature itself. Cotton is more than just a material; It is a story of tradition, craftsmanship and sustainability that has been accompanied and enchanted for thousands of years and is simply indispensable in our wardrobe. But what makes cotton so special?

Cotton - a natural all -rounder

Cotton is a natural fiber that is obtained from the seed hair of the cotton plant. It is not only soft and pleasant to wear, but also a real all -rounder. It is breathable, absorbent and durable - perfect for everyday life and for adventure in nature, for warm summer days or cozy evenings at home. Whether pants, skirt or wrap dress, cotton is always a good choice.

But cotton doesn't just have aesthetic qualities. It is also a sustainable choice because, unlike synthetic fabrics, it is biodegradable and our oceans are not contaminated with microplastics. By choosing clothing from raw cotton, you not only support your personal style, but also the environment.

Of course it's not just fair

Despite the many positive properties, there are also many challenges in the cotton industry. From water consumption to pesticide use to working conditions - there is still a lot to do to make cotton production fairer and more sustainable. It is therefore important to make conscious decisions and support sustainable brands that promote fair working conditions and environmentally friendly practices. By consciously shopping and choosing products from certified organic cotton, you can make a small contribution to drive positive changes in the industry.

On You will find a wonderful selection of sustainably produced clothing made of raw cotton. Each piece is unique and was made with great attention to detail. Because sometimes it is the small decisions in everyday life that can make a big difference.

Our diaper dresses made of raw cotton

A diaper dress made of raw cotton is an absolute must-have in every wardrobe. It can be combined in many ways, whether casual for everyday life or chic for special occasions. The best thing is that it not only looks good, but also feels good. Our diaper dresses Leena and Eveliina Face your skin gently and give you a touch of elegance and lightness.

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