Halskette Blume des lebens aus Messing ~ Kette Lebensblume ~ Heilige Geometrie / Symbol
Halskette Blume des lebens aus Messing ~ Kette Lebensblume ~ Heilige Geometrie / Symbol

Chain ~ flower of life ~ 4 cm

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This Flower of Life brass chain adorns a carefully worked amulet of the flower of life, a symbol that has been known for its spiritual importance and harmonizing effects for centuries. The amulet is made of high -quality brass and impresses with its filigree elaboration and the precise representation of the flower of life.

The flower of life: The flower of life is a geometric pattern that consists of several evenly above other circles that form a flower -like shape. This pattern is part of the sacred geometry and is seen as a visual expression of the connections of life through the entire universe. It symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of existence. In spiritual practice, the flower of life is often used to promote harmony, balance and life energy.

Product details:

  • Material: High quality brass
  • Design: Flower of life amulet
  • Chain length: 60 cm (adaptable)
  • Amulet diameter: 4 cm
  • Closure: Robust carabiner closure

This chain is not only a fashionable accessory, but also serves as a daily companion who keeps the memory of the connection with the universe and your own spiritual journey. Ideal for everyone who value beauty and meaning.

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Customer reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Different than expected

Unfortunately, the chain is not according to my expectations. I wore it for a day and the golden chain looks as blunt as if I had removed it from my grandmother's jewelry box. The flower of life has also lost its shine significantly. I had imagined it very differently. It does not look valuable, but cheap. In the attached photo you can see that the chain, initially incredibly delivered, has a completely different shine with the small geometric motifs.
It's a shame if I could I give it back.

Teresa Reichert
So nice. I am happy.

So nice. I am happy. This is for the great piece